Chicken Obsessions

There looks to be an obsession with poultry in the trucking sector. No, I’m not conversing about hen fried steak, I’m speaking about Chicken Vans and Chicken Coops and all sorts of other rooster-connected terms in the truckers’ vocabulary.

The common community might not know about it, but truckers speak turkey a ton.

Anyone who has at any time listened to the CB radio appreciates that truckers have a language all their individual. If a rookie driver or a vacationer dares to tread on the truckers’ territory, he’ll discover out rapidly that he is just not one of the flock but. It really is what you say and how you say it that presents you away.

Truckers have their have way of speaking. It can be not diesel fuel, it’s go-go juice. It’s not a logbook, it can be a comic e book. It is not a relaxation space, it is really a pickle park.

But the trucking phrases that revolve close to poultry will blow your feathers off.

A excellent-on the lookout massive rig with a great deal of lights is known as a rooster truck or a rooster cruiser. The yellow lights on the side of the truck are identified as hen lights if there are a large amount of them. A convoy of vans relocating fast in the left lane of the freeway is termed a still left lane chicken educate. A truck weigh station is known as a hen coop (when it is closed, they’ll say Chicken Unfastened On Scale, Entry Denied).

It won’t end there.

Orange barrels in a construction zone are named Schneider eggs (Schneider Trucking is a identical orange shade to the barrels). If drivers are warning many others on the cb about a DOT inspection ahead, they will notify them to get all their ducks in a row. If something is good, it can be hen lickin’ very good. And, of training course, there ain’t no emotion like hen-mobiling.

The Colonel would be happy.

All this rooster chatter goes again to the early days of trucking when the hen haulers experienced to… very well… haul beak to get the chickens from stage A to issue B just before they died. These guys experienced prime notch gear and acquired their loads there rapidly. They experienced a standing back again in the working day and their legend nonetheless influences trucking today, although numerous really don’t know that they are the resource.

The rooster vans of nowadays generally usually are not hauling chickens. They haul beef, develop, furniture, cars and other freight, but they harken back again to a working day when the trucking was rapidly, the freight was feathery and the trucking work were being the things of fantasy.

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