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Table of Contents MarinateSaltPoundCook Small and GradualCook dinner to the Ideal TemperatureRestSlice Throughout the Grain John Majchrowicz, main profits officer at Chicago’s Meats By Linz and self-described “meat gentleman,” started out out in the sector as a meat cutter. He claims, just after some tricky perform and fantastic fortune, he […]

John Majchrowicz, main profits officer at Chicago’s Meats By Linz and self-described “meat gentleman,” started out out in the sector as a meat cutter. He claims, just after some tricky perform and fantastic fortune, he is proud to say he’s worked extra than 26 many years at the firm, a fourth-technology, relatives-owned meat purveyor. One of the premier dry-aged facilities in the region, Linz provides dry-aged beef to great dining institutions and discerning clients around the planet. Majchrowicz describes the numerous sections of the cow and the cooking methods that have a tendency to enhance each and every reduce.

“Looking at the animal from head to toe, the muscle mass from the shoulder to the neck these kinds of as the chuck, shoulder and brisket, they all have a hefty collagen material and advantage from very low and gradual cooking with a soaked heat strategy these types of as braising,” Majchrowicz states.

Each and every cut of beef benefits from different cooking methods. Click to view this interactive map provided by Meats By Linz.

Majchrowicz goes on to say, what he phone calls the “middle meats or steakhouse cuts,” this sort of as the rib, loin and sirloin, are the better-finish, extra pricey primary cuts of meat which advantage from fast-searing around direct substantial heat this kind of as open-flame grilling.

“Thin meats, these kinds of as flank, sirloin flap and skirt steaks all do well with a marinade, and cuts from the hip or round these as the round steak, rump roast and eye of round need to all be roasted with dry heat in the oven,” Majchrowicz says. “But be guaranteed to prepare dinner these roasts just until finally medium-exceptional and carve them thinly.”

Below are a couple tips to make the most out of the most effective cuts, together with low-cost worth alternatives, straight from the pro.

Skirt steak marinade


Marinating provides taste to the meat and tenderizes at the similar time. “I generally adore to marinate small ribs, skirt steak, flank steak or slender-reduce meats you do not have to marinate them for extremely prolonged for the meat to get on the predicted taste profile,” suggests Majchrowicz.

Introducing acid these kinds of as vinegar, citrus juice or yogurt will start out tenderizing the meat. Fruits these kinds of as pineapple, kiwifruit and papaya also incorporate acid along with the enzyme papain which breaks down sinew and fiber. Marinate for 30 minutes or up to right away, but not significantly for a longer time, as meat can turn out to be mushy. For stir-frying, introducing cornstarch gives meat a light-weight coating that guards it from rigorous heat to brown properly, and can help in stopping overcooking and producing the meat to become tough.

Majchrowicz is a admirer of the sirloin flap steak which arrives from the hindquarter of the animal, or sirloin. It has a comparable dense texture, grain and flavor to a skirt steak so it’s turning into quite preferred in eating places, but it can be asked for from butcher retailers and grocery retailers. “It does perfectly with a marinade but can also be right grilled with a easy rub. It’s good for tacos, fajitas or even a middle-of-the plate steak. What is vital is that you minimize it against the grain. It’s my go-to steak for a rapid food on the grill.” 


Salt really should be sprinkled on beef just before cooking to attract moisture out, intensifying the taste of the meat. “I hugely suggest salting,” presents Majchrowicz. “I salt and pepper loin and rib cuts a working day in advance and go away it uncovered in the fridge right away. I’ll do major steakcentric cuts for this technique.”

Tenderize beef


Pounding with a meat mallet breaks down the hard muscle mass fibers. Spherical steak, for occasion, can be pounded to about a ¼-inch thickness to make tender cube steak. Majchrowicz warns towards pounding so thinly that the meat breaks apart or results in being mushy.

Cook Small and Gradual

Chuck, brisket and oxtail advantage from slow and reduced-temperature cooking with techniques these as braising and using tobacco. When cooked in liquid in a sluggish cooker, strain cooker or Dutch oven, the meat’s collagen breaks down, loosening difficult muscle mass fibers. Stew meat can grow to be fork-tender in about 2 several hours, though prosperous oxtail meat starts off to drop off the bone following a few hrs of simmering. More durable cuts these as brisket can be smoked on the grill or smoker with the body fat aspect down for at least 6 hrs. The last interior temperature should really arrive at 195 levels F for this strategy.

Cook dinner to the Ideal Temperature

Advanced technologies are generating it less difficult for individuals to watch the doneness of their meats. Precision probe thermometers can keep inside of the meat and endure superior temperatures in the oven, grill or smoker. A sought after internal temperature can be programmed, and it will alert you when the meat is ready.

Wi-fi Bluetooth thermometers and applications have become extra well-known with cooks seeking for flexibility and versatility, but very accurate digital quick-examine thermometers continue to be quite a few chef’s go-to instrument. Insert the thermometer via the side of the minimize with the tip in the center not touching bone or fats.

“Overcooking beef outcomes in difficult and dry meat, although undercooked meats can also be chewy. Just a five-diploma variance in temperature can effects the style and texture of the meat, so it’s significant to look at it diligently,” claims Majchrowicz. It is essential to take out any meat from its resource of heat, irrespective of its cooking method, when it reaches five to 10 degrees down below the last ideal cooking temperature. 


Majchrowicz claims, “The good quality of the meat will improve above time if it is permitted to rest.” Allow meat to sit five to 10 minutes for skinny cuts up to an inch in thickness, or rest 10 minutes for each pound for roasts. Resting permits the juices to settle and redistribute into the meat. Slicing into the meat far too quickly right after cooking spills out the inside juices and will add to a rough steak or roast.

Roast beef slicing

Slice Throughout the Grain

Cutting meat throughout the grain indicates slicing crosswise across the very long muscle mass fibers. This benefits in numerous small fibers relatively than one particular prolonged one which makes for less difficult chewing.

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