The best meat thermometers in 2021 tested and rated

Merna Delaurentis

Table of Contents What are the best meat thermometers? The best meat thermometers for cooking you can buy today 1. ThermoWorks Thermapen One Best meat thermometer overall and best instant-read thermometerSpecificationsReasons to buy2. ThermoWorks Thermopop The best budget instant-read meat thermometer SpecificationsReasons to buyReasons to avoid3. ThermoWorks ChefAlarm Cooking Thermometer The best […]

The best meat thermometer isn’t just one that tells you how hot (or cold) your food is, but makes it easier to get it to the temperature you need. Depending on the kind of thermometer you’re using, this could be by way of a light-up screen, easy controls, or a well-designed mobile app that lets you step away from the stove with confidence.

Whether you cook dinner for yourself on the stovetop, turn out big beef roasts and birds in the oven for the holidays, or spend your spare time deep frying or candy making for parties, you need the best meat thermometer you can get.

What are the best meat thermometers? 

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