Where to eat in Charlotte, NC’s City West Commons area

Tu One Oh Tacos is tucked between vegan restaurants Dee’s Vegan To-Go and Exposed Vegan at City West Commons.

Tu One Oh Tacos is tucked between vegan restaurants Dee’s Vegan To-Go and Exposed Vegan at City West Commons.


While most people typically use West Boulevard as a through street, some new restaurants and shops in the area are making it a place to stop and stay for a while. The City West Commons Shopping Center sits on the corner of West Boulevard and Remount Road and has recently gained some tasty residents like Tu One Oh Tacos, Renaldo’s Culinary Experience and Dee’s Vegan To-Go.

Recently, we told you all about the misunderstood taco spot, Tu One Oh Tacos (it’s not vegan, we promise), but what about the rest of City West Commons?

The quaint shopping mall has everything you need from Dee’s Vegan To-Go’s sweet potato spice cake with vegan cream cheese frosting to Scooter’s Snacks & More’s St. Louis-Style Nachos.

We’ve compiled a list of what you need to know before you visit the area for some delicious food and treats:

Dee’s Vegan To-Go

1540 West Blvd., Suite 100

What to know: Dee’s menu is packed with a host of delicious vegan options. Like the name says, it’s a to-go concept, but Dee’s offers a catering menu, too. While its restaurant menu includes entrees, salads, burgers and sandwiches, you can also choose from six vegan desserts. You should try the Sweet Potato Spice Cake or the scratch-made cinnamon rolls.

VTG Cafe pic 10 27.jpg
Denise Hairston is the owner of Dee’s Vegan to To-Go. Courtesy of Denise Hairston

Exposed Vegan

1540 West Blvd., Suite 102

What to know: Exposed Vegan is serving up plant-based cuisine that includes creative juices, acai bowls, salads, soups and delectable savory or sweet baked potatoes. Save room for dessert because homemade non-dairy chocolate chip cookies are on the menu.

Exposed Vegan co-owners Nikkis Campbell, left, and Zsa-Zsa Porter are endurance athletes who share a commitment to healthy eating. Courtesy of Zsa-Zsa Porter

The Garbage Can

1540 West Blvd., Suite 103

What to know: The Garbage Can celebrated their grand opening in April. While it’s new to the strip, it’s not new to Charlotte. You may have seen the food truck, The Garbage Truck, rolling around Charlotte serving up Trash Plates where you can build your own plate of greatness and trash burgers, fries and dogs.

Garbage Can.jpg
The Garbage Can’s walk-up window on West Boulevard. Melissa Oyler CharlotteFive

Golden Wok

1535 Remount Road

What to know: Golden Wok is on the corner of West Boulevard and Remount Road — not in the City West Commons Shopping Center, but it’s nearby. You can find the menu online, and you may want to have your order ready beforehand because it’s a walk-up concept.

Golden Wok is across the street from the shopping center. Ebony Morman CharlotteFive

K&J’s Kitchen Authentic Jamaican Food

1540 West Blvd., Suite 104

What to know: Here’s where you’ll get a chance to experience authentic Jamaican food. If you’re over trying to make jerk chicken at home, give yourself some grace and head over to K&J’s for delicious jerk chicken, rice and peas. The bonus is that K&J’s offer catering services, as well.

K&J’s Kitchen — next door to The Garbage Can — serves authentic, Jamaican food. Ebony Morman CharlotteFive

Mix Grill & Wings

540 West Blvd., Suite 105

What to know: There are more than 20 different sauces for the wings but the fun doesn’t stop there. In addition to wings, the menu includes hoagies, burgers, chicken fingers and even baklava.

Mr. Jims Pizza

1603 West Blvd., A

What to know: Mr. Jims is on the opposite corner of the City West Commons Shopping Center. It’s about the crust and Mr. Jims is serving more than pizza. It includes salads, pasta and desserts like Cin Stix, Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Supreme Brownie Bites. Bonus: Mr. Jims delivers.

At Mr. Jims Pizza, it’s all about the crust. Ebony Morman CharlotteFive

Renaldo’s Culinary Experience

1540 West Blvd.

What to know: Renaldo’s is serving up creative pizza pies with intriguing flavors. The Curry Chicken Pizza comes with curry chicken, garlic oil cucumbers, red onions and mozzarella cheese. The Shrimp Chorizo Pizza comes with shrimp, mozzarella, chorizo, red peppers and chili sauce. The experience doesn’t stop at pizza. You should try the Truffle Butter Lobster Grilled Cheese and the Skittles Lemonade.

Renaldo’s Culinary Experience is next door to Exposed Vegan Ebony Morman CharlotteFIve

Scooter’s Snacks & More

1520 West Blvd., Suite F

What to know: Scooter’s is more than your average candy store. The experience will take you back to those days of walking into a candy heaven of sorts. Remember “penny candy?” It’s not a penny, but it’s pretty close. You can find candy cigarettes here, too. How’s that for nostalgia?

Scooter’s brings a little of the Midwest to the Southeast with its St.-Louis style snack options. Ebony Morman CharlotteFive

Tu One Oh Tacos

1540 West Blvd., Suite 101

What to know: Sandwiched between two vegan restaurants, this authentic, non-vegan Tex-Mex walk-up window concept is serving up fresh, made-to-order meals. Its signature item — the 210 Puffy Taco — is a San Antonio, Texas, staple. It’s a deep fried, puffy corn tortilla shell that’s stuffed with chicken or ground beef. It’s topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cotija cheese and a Mexican sour cream.

Tu One Oh Tacos is serving up a San-Antonio staple, The 210 Puffy Taco. Erica Lemon

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